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A Picture Is Worth A Thousands Words

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Who hasn't heard the saying? Especially for creatives there have been so many times when I saw something and you didn't have to say a word to describe it or get me excited. I instantly knew what I was looking at, how it made me feel or inspired me.

But, here's the thing with fine fabric. The picture is great but it's no substitute for the feel, touch or even smell of having the real thing in your hand. Every fabric lover knows that a picture can't fill the rush of having the fibre in your hand. The color and texture just can't be communicated in a photograph.

This fabric is imported from England and is part of the current line created by the manufacture who weaves the fabric used to create the Channel Fashion Brand. The methods and fibres they use are ancient, yet the fabric is modern, fresh and current in today's fashion.

The yarn textured swatch is great for little short fitted jackets, the solid cotton makes excellent shift dresses and the light pink is great for fitted skirts.

Come see us to view the line. What would you make?

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