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Organic Cotton Matters

At Silver Needle & Thread we know and completely understand the impact fast disposable fashion is having on our health and the environment. The farming of organic cotton matters and it's use in fashion and home décor is vital for those who want and choose to live healthier lifestyles.

In the past consumers often thought of organic cotton fabric and clothes as plain, simple and boring. Not anymore, due to the hard work of many the industry just like organic food is now changing. Being the activist, educator and whatever it takes-we are to bring awareness we now can say, "It's About Freaking Time."

Unfortunately, due to the country we live in, being cool, hip and modern often correlates directly to being mislead especially when it comes to what's harmful and destructive to our health and environment. I don't think I'll every figure out why this has to be. I just know that "Greed" has many faces and all of them seem to have negative impacts on people's lives.

Fast disposable fashion is the second largest polluter on the planet and is only second to oil. Heck, it is oil. You see fast fashion fabrics are made from polyester, rayon, nylon and acrylic. It's crude oil and petro-chemicals. The oil industry in collaboration with the fashion industry has enough money to market, brand and make it cool, hip and modern because when you buy clothes every week you're feeding both their pockets.

There are companies, organizations and businesses out there choosing to do the right thing for people and planet. The Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative is the largest concentration of farmers in the USA and is located in Lubbock, TX. Foxfibre, Sally Fox is the pioneer of Colorgrown Organic Cotton. This cotton grows naturally is the colors brown, beige, green, tan and requires no dyes-period. Harmony Art Organic Design GOTS certified organic cotton has been a vital player in the industry since 2005, supplying conscious consumers with beautiful printed and solid fabrics. GOTS certification is the highest global certification for textiles. It works to being integrity and transparency to the industry.

We urge you to "Choose Organic Cotton," because it really does matter. Do the research for yourself. Your smart phone is in your hand, go ahead and Google......


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