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We take care of all your custom sewing needs while you support "Cleaner Fashion"!

Why Organic & Natural Fiber?

When you make your own clothes you can choose the most unique,

custom designed styles that are right for you. 


Full Wardrobing


We custom sew the wardrobe that's right for you. Creating a core capsule of five to twelve essential pieces can provide a solid foundation for a season spanning wardrobe.


Our handy wardrobe cards help you keep track of fabrics, color combinations, garments and styles. These  cards offer  convenience  when shopping retail for other  items. They take  the guess work  right  out  of the  equation.  Just  stick  it  in  the  handy folder we   provide  or  a protective  sleeve  cover  and  drop  in  your  purse; while  shopping matching   garments  is easy, fast and simple.  Eliminates waste and helps you save money on the purchase of unwanted items.



Sewing, Dressmaking and Tailoring


We provide basic dressmaking, alteration and tailoring to include decorative stitching, hand sewing and beading.  We also sew bridal attire.

We often sew using sketches, photos and ideas.  

Fashion Designer Studio
Linen multicolor.jpg

Fabric Sales and Sourcing


Because of our many vendor accounts and business model our access to fabric is not limited to seasons the way retail is.  We can sew any garment anytime creating what you need, when you need it. We can also manipulate fabric texture and character by pre-treating before cutting material. 



Thousands of Fabric Choices


Our fabrics include: organic cotton-hemp- linen- wool, peace silk, raw silk, cashmere, conventional hemp, ramie, linen, cotton, wool, banana,  flax, and many blends.

Interior Design 

SNT Home is our Interior Design division providing custom drapery, upholstery, bedding, fabric, trim, wallpaper, decorative throw pillows, handcrafted furniture and so much more.  Our goal is to create clean spaces for living that are pure, less toxic, safer, more grounding to nature and sustainable, like our clothes-just for you.

Emotions of sight, touch, feel, sound and even smell all play a role in the selection of our fabrics and materials for HOME.  We offer exquisite embroideries, crewels, silks, cottons, linen, hemp and blends. They are the same high quality products as our fashion fabrics.

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Fashion Design Office
Fashion Design Office

Body Analysis

A key step in creating a one-of-a-kind wardrobe is to know your personal body type and shape.  Certain silhouettes, cuts or lines compliment one of the six body types.  

We take your personal measurements to analyze your shape  then  suggest which fashion styles  will best suit you.

White Feather

Closet Sweeps, Audits and Organization


Because our focus is on sustainable, clean fashion our closet sweeps come with an unexpected twist.  Our goal is to help you identify all the toxic garments in your closet.  We identify synthetic fabrics, explain how they affect your health and share the chronic illnesses and diseases that have been linked to the hazardous chemicals used to create them. These chemicals in clothes not only affect your well being, they can also pollute indoor air quality through the off gassing of VOC's (volatile organic compounds).  Textiles are the second largest polluter on the planet creating water, air and soil pollution.  Seeing first hand how personal fashion choices may be contributing to such pollution often changes one's  perspective, empowering clients to better understand the impact of their buying choices and the negative life cycle of fast fashion.  The process is highly motivating for anyone seeking to do the right thing.


Clients are encouraged to interact and engage throughout the process, creating a connection to establish mindful and conscious behavior that’s lasting. By taking the time to ensure clients understand they have the power to change the way they view fashion, consumption habits and the psychology involved with why unused and unwanted clothes are left hanging in their closets for years offers a sense of liberation. 


Our closet sweep is based on FACTS:


  • Fit​ is the foundation to achieving  great style.  If the garment no longer fits  for  whatever reason the decision to toss or alter must  be made  and implemented.


  • Appropriateness is essential and must adhere to your lifestyle needs.  The clothes you wear to the office are not appropriate for a black tie gala and you wouldn't wear a beach dress to attend a  botanical garden charity event. Women with great style always dress appropriately for the occasion.  Most often our closet sweeps are based upon lifestyle organization instead of color.  


  • Closet presence is necessary to create great style.  Everything in your closet should coordinate or compliment at least five more garments allowing you the ability to easily put together outfits.  Stand alone garments you haven't worn in a while are distracting, creates clutter and takes up valuable space.  Knowing what you own and pairing items with other garments expands the life of the piece making the space they take up more functional and less stressful. 


  • Technical issues can ruin any great closet. Garments that are stained, torn with missing buttons are never going to be worn until repaired.  Make the decision to toss or repair.  Scuffed and damaged shoes are a killer of great style.  Clean them up, donate or toss.  Accessories in need of repair should also be addressed.  Chipped beads, broken latches, missing stones, tainted metals, etc.  are extremely unflattering when paired with any garment.  


  • Create your Signature look one that says you are unique and fill your closet with it.  A signature is something that brings it all together it could be scarves, hats, a special accessory item (thin belts), sweater sets, cardigans, a color combination or a particular jacket style. Signature pieces endure even as your style evolves with the times and the seasons; it's a common thread from outfit to outfit that demonstrates confidence, self esteem, a deep self-awareness and a carefully constructed image. These items should be highly accessible at all times as you will use them often. 



All remaining services follow traditional closet organization.  

When the service is completed your closet is:



        Filled with styles that fit and compliment your body type.


        Organized according to your lifestyle needs.  

Stocked with sustainable, organic and natural fibres.


        Void of all unwanted, unused, damaged, stained, unflattering, and incorrect colored items.

        Designed based on FACTS.  Clean, uncluttered and welcoming.


Disclaimer:  Please note we do not provide hard build out or construction services to create closets.  However, we can refer service providers to help you build your dream space if needed.  We work with existing space and can only add portable items such as cabinets, shoe racks, book case shelving units, baskets, containers and other  decorative items  to enhance organization and visual presentation.

Folding Clothes
Well Organized Closet

Personal Styling


We take the time to show you how to mix and match existing pieces in your wardrobe to create new looks based upon our thorough and in depth image  consultation.  


We show you how to combine colors in your palette offering some exciting options to your everyday look.


Adding a few key accessories can turn your everyday clothes into extraordinary pieces. We continue to help you make sense of less being more in fashion as we  teach you how to create your own signature style.

Color & Image Consulting


Not sure what colors are right for you?  We can help.

We also support clean, organic and natural makeup and can offer personal makeovers with a professional makeup artist. We can also recommend cleaner personal and hair care products too.


Personal Shopper


Need help with the other items in your wardrobe? We won't leave you out in the cold.


Our collaboration with several organic clothing companies around the nation has you  covered.  We have reliable and trusted  sources for organic and sustainable underwear, socks, outerwear, athletic wear and everything in between to complete  your clothing needs.  The styles are on  trend, colorful and stylish.


Small Batch Manufacturing



Textile Industry

Business Consulting

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