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Exclusive Designer Fabrics at Silver Needle & Thread

We're excited to announce that Silver Needle & Thread will soon be offering exclusive designer fabrics in our Studio. We recently sealed a deal with an British mill to source fabrics created for Haute Couture brands such as Channel, Tom Ford, Valentino, Dior, Adeline André, Jean Paul Gaultier and the likes.

We will be purchasing ten yards or less of these fabrics in order to maintain their exclusivity and limited availability. These fabrics are fresh, modern, interesting and gorgeous. We use them to create professional attire, jackets you can wear with all your favorite jeans to dress up, a nice tailored piece for an up scale event and so much more.

Our clients love the fact that the fabric is in short supply because they know they won't see themselves walking about town. It also keeps their wardrobes fresh and exciting.

It's a bit difficult to finding quality tweeds these days but, we did. We made the decision to not list these fabrics on our website because of the limited supply. However, if for any reason a design house choose not buy a run and we can, we will list that fabric in our online store because we will be able to purchase more than the usual ten yard cuts.

How will you know new fabric is available? You'll just have to come visit our Studio or follow our Facebook page. We'll share pics of each new shipment.

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