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Committed To Quality Workmanship

Sociably Responsible  |  Environmentally Friendly  |  Sustainably Driven

SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD Custom Sewing is located in Jacksonville, FL. Owner Patricia Davis has over 45 years of professional sewing experience. The company started conducting business in 2010 and offer services to clients seeking wardrobing, special occasion and other specific designs as well as home décor.  We also provide sample making and small batch manufacturing for small brands seeking to create a line or bring a garment to market. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are unique and special and come with a personal touch.  Our dressmakers and seamstresses possess many years of experience in hand sewing one-of-a-kind garments to meet our clients personal, unique and specific needs.  Some of the garments we sew include work attire, resort, infant and children's, special occasion and bridal, prom, special needs clothing, full figure sizing, christening and communion gowns, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and much more.   We often sew and create clothes using sketches, photos and ideas.  

My favorite aunt was a true fashionista to the core.  She gave me a virgin merino wool beaded jacket that is now over ninety years old and it still looks magnificent.   Every time I wear it or just notice it in my closet I'm reminded of her, some of the special things we did, the time we shared, the things she taught me about being a lady and how much I loved her.  Being connected to the past in such a special way allows me the ability to move forward in the present and embrace the future in my craft.

When we look at fast disposable fashion  much is lost in the quality of the garment and the workmanship.  The fabrics are cheap and the garment is constructed with an anticipated obsolescence date, meaning given a certain amount of time the buttons will fall off, seams will rip and colors will fade. Loving fashion the way we do and knowing this, we thought what a shame.  Long gone are the days of buying a special garment that can be passed down to a daughter or granddaughter because of this fact.   We think you should be able to wear your clothes for as long as you choose or even pass them down in a personal and meaningful way.  


Sewing is an art, skill and craft that's dying.  It must be valued, utilized and preserved because there's nothing more satisfying than using your hands to create.  Dressmakers and tailors who have the skills to do it well are on a mission to revitalize and energize the craft by sewing clothes that connect users to the process and the garments in special ways.  Adding meaning and connecting consciousness to the things we use.  It's not so easy to toss something you've put time and thought into creating.


A great garment starts with a great fabric. Most often for us that means using Harmony Art Organic Cotton Designs.  The sateen's are vibrant, bright, very high quality prints and solids.  We offer ORGANIC and NATURAL  fabrics in hundreds of colors, patterns and styles.  We work with small farms and fiber sheds around the USA seeking beautiful fibres that are  created with lots of care and love. Sally Fox the owner of Foxfiber Colorganic and Vreseis Limited is known as the pioneer of organic colorgrown cotton and we're so happy about the relationship we've been able to maintain over the years.  Our collaboration with the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative over the years has been rewarding as we have watched it's successes.  We put a lot of time and effort into our work and building relationships because for us, it really does matters!  When we say we know what we know, we mean it.


We offer consultations on body, fit and color analysis to further assist you with your garment selections. Making and designing your own clothes eliminates so many wasteful activities such as endless shopping and frustration because what you’re seeking is not in-season, the need for costly alterations and the purchase of inferior garments that don’t really suit your needs. Creating your own clothes is satisfying, rewarding and just plain fun. We always encourage our clients to express who they truly are thru their choice of fashion. If you are seeking, safe and chemical free clothes for your new born baby, a wardrobe that’s stylish and well fitted, a  beautiful wedding gown for your special day or just the right color throw pillows to update a room, we are here, waiting to sew one stitch at a time for you.


Our goal is to help you look and feel your absolute best wearing clothes you LOVE.

 We'd love to start sewing for you!


"My Little Black Dress Is Silently Killing Me"

Woman in an Office

We Work With Companies


  Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative

   Harmony Art GOTS Certified Fabrics

  Foxfibre Colorgrown Organic Cotton

  Spirtex Manufacturing

  Aurora Silks

  DHJ Weisters LTD

  Tictoria Bictoria

  White Lotus Home

and so many more


The "Experience Matters"

What to expect when you visit our store

  • A warm, clean and inviting space.

  • Professional staff servicing you with

      integrity, knowledge and experience.

  • A superior selection of fabrics and products.

  • You can trust us to be your partner in design.


  • GOTS, EcoCert, Confidence in Textiles OEKO-TEX Standard 100, OneCert and GOLS product certifications.

We are sister company to Silver Needle & Thread HOME, TAG Custom Bridal,
CATA (Consumers Against Toxic Apparel) and The Jacksonville Organic Business Directory.

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