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FoxFibre & Vreseis Limited

Silver Needle & Thread Collaboration




I'm happy to tell you.  Sally Fox the Creator of Foxfibre and Vreseis Limited is "MY HERO."

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Sally Fox is a cotton breeder who breeds naturally colored varieties of cotton to include brown, green, tan and beige. She is the inventor of FoxFibre and founder of the company Vreseis Limited and Natural Cotton Colours Inc. Fox invented the first species of environmentally friendly colored cotton that could be spun into thread on a machine. 


Her cotton is the first cotton to be organically bred and grown in the USA.  Opening minds to the possibilities of textiles that can enliven the soil while growing and comfort our eyes and skin while wearing, no chemicals required.  Fox has

been called a "cotton pioneer" for her efforts regarding organic, colored cotton and heirloom wheat.  There's no other way to say it, "This Woman Is Amazing."

She has dedicated her life to breeding and growing organic naturally colored cottons since 1982.  Her farm is located in the Capay Valley of California northeast of San Francisco.  Viriditas Farm is the place where Foxfibre® naturally colored cottons are  bred and initial seed increases grow up.

Rotational crops include heirloom Sonora wheat- the flavorful low-yield landrace which boasts the root system of a perennial. This wheat has quite literally added tons of root material and straw per acre which has been beautifully building the soil organic matter up with each crop year.  Her sheep  made it possible to achieve her dream of going Biodynamic after almost two decades worth of learning curve. The sheep eat down the plant stubble, reducing the need of a tractor.  Which predigest the plant materials making them more palatable to the soil microbes.  In the world of organic farming they are such an integral part of  farm life.  In addition the sheep produce super fine and colorful wool in a variety of shades and colors based upon their ages.

I've know Sally Fox for many years and she still never ceases to amaze me with her work, as a matter of fact I'm a little bit jealous of her ability to create such natural beauty.  She works hard and the road has not been easy to walk as she has shared with me many times.  I believe God puts each and everyone of us on this planet with purpose and she has definitely found hers'.  

Silver Needle & Thread offers her fabric and yarn in our store.  We also have an educational center where you can find samples of the cotton bolls, silver, raw fibre and yarn (organic cotton and organic wool).  We've created beautiful one-of-a-kind items that clients will treasure for a lifetime.  Our gifted artisans are creating organic baby, knitting and crocheting heirlooms.  Our collaboration has just begun!  Come visit us soon to see for yourself.


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