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I have over forty five years of sewing experience and I'm focused on just one thing – providing quality workmanship. I enjoy sewing garments for a variety of client needs.  I only use organic, natural and sustainable fabrics.  Our fabric selection is huge. Synthetic fabric used in disposable fashion

is not my thing.  Beautiful natural fiber is! 

 At Silver Needle & Thread, we can handle all your clothing customization needs.

Fabric Sourcing
Italian Linen Custom Sewn Tops
Mannequins-Designing and Fitting
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  • Body Analysis, Color Profile and More

    1 hr

    $75 per hour
  • Measurements and Fittings.

    30 min

    20 US dollars
  • We sell many fabrics in-store and can source thousands more.

    30 min

    Prices vary per yard
  • Custom Sewing and Designing Wardrobe-Baby-Costumes-Kids-Sleepwear-Home

    1 hr

    Quoted in-house
  • We make patterns and copy existing designs you want duplicated.

    1 hr

    $75 per hour
  • Full Interior Design services and fabrics are available at SNT HOME

    1 hr

    Quoted in-house
  • Clean out the toxic fashion, organize, sustainable closet accessories.

    3 hr

    Price varies
  • Truly learn how to sew for real. This ain't no crafts class!

    $1 With a Catch
  • See What It Takes To Learn The Industry

    90 hr

  • Creating a fashion business? We can help.

    1 hr

    $90 per hour
  • Basic fashion and garment small batch sewing.

    1 hr

    Price varies
  • Each quarter public is invited to our CFD to meet staff and vendors.

    1 hr

When I got my new job and had to dress more professional, I had no idea what I would do.  Because of my height I needed tailored slacks, pencil skirts and dresses that were long enough and flattering.  Silver Needle & Thread delivered on all my needs and provided beautiful high quality fabrics in the colors that were right for me.  Now, I can say I feel good and look good in my  all clothes.  What a life saver!

Samatha Young

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Why Organic, Natural and Sustainable Fabric?

Textiles are the second largest polluter on the planet, creating massive water, air and soil pollution. 


 Learning first hand how your personal fashion choices contribute to pollution often changes one's perspective and helps our clients understand the impact "fast disposable fashion" has on people and the environment.  Knowing that over 12,000 toxic and dangerous chemicals are used everyday in the creation of fast fashion and the fabric used to make it can be very eye opening and empowering. Custom sewing your clothes is highly motivating for anyone seeking toxic free, clean and safe clothing.



Organic Cotton uses zero toxic pesticides or herbicides to grow.  Major features are it's breathable and biodegradable.  It has the ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort, it is also hypoallergenic, weatherproof and quite durable.

Hemp is the only fabric that offers UV protection.  It acts like sun screen by blocking UV rays from the sun. It's the strongest natural fibre, mold resistant, hypoallergenic, water resistant and antimicrobial.  It's the worlds greatest carbon equalizer helping to fight against climate change.

Linen fabric has the ability to heal wounds, improve blood microcirculation, it's hygroscopic-conducts moisture well, breathes, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It neutralizes the smell of sweat, reduces the risk of fungal diseases, static resistant will not electrify.  The fibre is strong and durable, but most important-

it's beautiful! 

Silk fabric can slow down the aging process, improve sleep, it's hypoallergenic and anti-fungal.  When used in bedding it can regulate body temperature.  But best of all it's gorgeous and luxurious-period.

Wool repels water and moisture, it's fire resistant, resist soiling and is wrinkle free.  It insulates well and impedes heat transfer.  It does not easily tear and retains it's shape.

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Organic Cotton Sleepwear
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