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What is Pure Integrity Verified?


The Pure Integrity Verified™ seal of approval is the household name for clean and safe products. Visiting farms world-wide, we help you get acquainted with local farmers in your area, and knowing your food sources is paramount to purity so you may be assured of the products you bring in your home. Just because a product is GMO free does NOT mean it is "ORGANIC", nor does it mean its free from toxic ingredients, free of toxic sprays, free of antibiotics or free of ammonia fertilizer.


Pure Integrity Verified™ Seal of Approval means beyond organic standards as they are today, bringing to the world the "Highest Standards" in the food, supplement, cosmetics and textile industry. Only the purest of products on the planet will gain the PIV seal of approval!

The seal means free from compromising with industry standards.

Products are sure to be FREE from GMO's, MSG’s, HFCS or any ingredients that become toxic when mixed together. If the product is a supplement in vitamin form, it will be organic whole foods, free from added fillers or artificial ingredients. If the product is cosmetics / skin care, the toxic-free standards apply here as well. If the company has textile, clothing or accessory products, then we adhere to the CATA qualifications of a sustainable planet. Just because a product is declared NON-GMO, this does NOT mean it is toxic-free or even organic. If products have any animal ingredients, then we adhere to the Humane Farm Animal Care certifications.

Recognizing this seal is assurance of purity and integrity. If we do find out a company has sold or started using toxic ingredients, the seal of recommendation is sure to be removed immediately! Our strict standards are for everyone's best health in mind. For all textile products, we adhere to the guidelines of CATA-Consumers Against Toxic Apparel.

Please keep in mind, we are QUALIFIERS not be confused with certifiers. We simply use the scale already in place for organic standards, except we raise the bar. We qualify the entire company instead of just product by product. Meaning, your entire product line must qualify in order to reap the benefits of the PIV Seal. We qualify that all ingredients are the purest and toxic-free and as sustainable / eco-friendly as possible.


The Pure Integrity Verified Seal™ Team strives to make our planet a better place in which to live. PIV understands the importance of knowing our food sources and getting to know our farmers. We dedicate timeless efforts to assure you and your family of a safe and toxic-less future as possible. By setting the standards for Pure Integrity, there is no room for sickness, disease or compromises. PIV takes the worry out of shopping for you. Living a quality life style can be obtained by anyone. We all can help the world by understanding the toxic ingredients in our food, cosmetics and textiles. Our strict standards are for everyone's health interests. Engaging in relationships is the start to healing the planet for all life.

Meet The Pure Integrity Team

A sick nation will surely fall but a healthy nation will conquer ALL! Together We Will Make a Difference~


Pure Integrity Verified™ Seal of Approval brings to the world 
one of the highest quality standards in the industry.

Silver Needle & Thread is a Pure Integrity Verified company.

Pure Integrity Verified™ Seal of Approval brings to the world one of the highest quality standards in the industry; pure integrity and intention, GMO free, beyond organic and toxic free.
The Pure Integrity Verified™ Seal of approval is still considered in its infant stages of awareness. Please help us spread the word of what we want to see to heal the planet and our plates with this seal! Tell your friends, tell your favorite organic companies, tell your clean food groups! We are here to edify the companies who are adhering to pure integrity standards. 
A company is either clean or they are not, It's like "taking a half bath." Oh you can take a half bath, but it just doesn't make logical sense to be half 'clean'.
Lynnette Marie
Founder & CEO
Tommy Pate
A. J. Arias
Patricia Davis
Textile Verifier
Rachel Bangert RN, BSN
Program Facilitator 
Jorge Catalan
Global Integrity Advisor, GIA


At Silver Needle & Thread we provide custom sewing services for individual clients and brands. Our focus is the utilization of organic and natural fibres.

Nothing about us is cookie cutter and one size does not fit all!
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