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At SILVER NEEDLE & THREAD we keep you informed of new developments in the industry and our business.  The textile industry is changing daily.  Keeping up to date on new fabric creations, what they are made of, the chemicals used to produce them, the health implications they pose on our bodies and the environmental impact is all  vital information you need to know to protect your family's health and wellbeing.

What are the organic, pure and natural products available in fashion and where to find them.  

We talk all things fashion- clothes, fabric, makeup, personal care, hair, attitude and values. Need to know where can you turn to for 100% pure, chemical free, no-synthetic, paraben free cosmetics and organic skin care?  Have questions about the latest new tech fabric that may be dangerous to your health? We have these answers and much more.

Keep up with new organic/natural fabric production and designs, who we're collaborating with, where our next event will be and breaking developments in the industry.
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