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10:00AM to 3:30PM

This unique seminar is designed to teach you everything you need to know about clothes, fibres, your body type, makeup, jewelry, personal care and closet organization helping you improve your image, health and lifestyle. We talk all things FASHION!

This is a hands on event that will keep you out of your seat!
We don't allow our audience to just sit-we require your participation and we guarantee you will want and love to.

You'll learn things you never thought about in reference to your clothes, the way you dress, the psychology of why you dress the way you do and much more.

This is one seminar you'll go home not just inspired but changed forever in how you view fashion. 

You'll love the FREE gifts too! 

Is This Seminar For You?
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Clothing today is manufactured with many toxic and life threatening chemicals from start to finish and beyond. Knowing the dangers, what safe fibers to look for when shopping, what to avoid in fashion and the effects harmful chemicals pose to your health and the environment is just a few of the benefits of attending this seminar.  

This seminar takes you back to the basics of understanding your body type, personality, color and personal  style to help you dress well. Join us for this informative and eye-opening event.